Data science

3/3 SSB API Shiny- SHINY

This is the third and final document of our project to produce interactive figures using Shiny and data from the SSB API. The Shiny app is embedded below, but for viewing it as intended we recommend viewing it at All source code for reproducing the entire project is available for download at:

You can choose from the variables: Number of home transfers, average home transfer price, the total transfer value of real estate, number of unemployed, crude oil prices, and the number of inhabitants. You can download the figure when it fits your need, as well as the data from the data tab.

You can subset unemployment rates and number of inhabitants by gender, choose a date interval, filter for an age interval, and choose which cities to plot.

For plotting you have the options of a dot plot, line plot or a line of best fit. You can also log-transform the outcomes for better comparisons of growth (reccomended). All achieved in a few hunded lines of code using R Shiny.